To receive an intermediate license (Drive Test), the student must:

  • Be at least 16 years old

  • Have had learner’s permit for 6 months without accident or traffic convictions during this time

  • Must know learner’s permit issue date

  • Have birth certificate (or other primary ID) and social security card (or know the social security card number)

  • Have a Driver’s Education Completion Certificate (Sooner State Driving School or another certified driving school); $10.00 charge for Certificate re-print

  • Parent must sign the Affidavit of Driver Training Form; which verifies that the student has performed 50 hours of behind-the-wheel training (separate from Driver’s Education), 10 hours of which is at night

  • $25.00 test + $25.00 car-usage = $50.00 (cash/money order)

  • Drive Prep Bundle: One-hour drive prep + Drive Test = $90.00 (cash/money order)

  • With an intermediate license, the student can drive without supervision between the hours of 4:30am to 9:00pm, but cannot drive with more than 1 passenger who doesn't live in his/her home.  The student can drive at any hour if accompanied by a licensed driver 21 years old or older.

Students 18 years old or older:

  • No permit is required and the student can take the drive test; if student has a permit, he/she must have it 30 days before taking the drive test

  • Upon completion of driver’s education, the written test can be waived and the student may take the drive test after 30 days at Sooner State Driving School or any DPS exam site